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Our Mission

We exist to stand in agreement with the heart of God.  Through worship we will agree that He alone is God and through intercession we will agree with the desires of His heart. From this place of agreement, we will intercede for the Church as she prepares for the physical return of Jesus, her Bridegroom God. In intimate partnership with our Beloved, we will ask Him to move in the Elk River area & beyond, that He would draw all people to Himself in love.

Our Vision

To effect a change in the spiritual atmosphere of our region by building a furnace of intercession through night and day prayer.

We are asking God to establish His House of Prayer where we can stand in agreement with Him for the Elk River area, soaking the region in prayer 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Praying for His Church

We will intercede for the Church of Elk River. We will cry out to God our Father, on behalf of the Church, the bride of His Son, that under the direction of the Holy Spirit, she would make herself ready for that glorious day when her Bridegroom God returns to this earth for her. Though our primary focus is the area of Elk River, our prayer is also for the global Church. We pray in agreement with the cry of His heart – “Oh Father, that she would love Me as You love Me - with her whole heart, mind and strength!”

Praying for the Harvest

We also continue to come before the Throne of Grace on behalf of the unsaved in Elk River, in every city in the United States and in every country, that their eyes would be opened to the mercies of God and they would turn their hearts to Him, the Lover of their souls.

Praying for Israel

We also intercede on behalf of Israel, that God would bring to complete fullness the covenants He established with them, placing within them hearts that long after His, and opening their minds and hearts to their promised Messiah, Yeshua (Jesus).

Praying for God's Justice

We are praying for God to make the wrong things right, particularly in the areas of abortion, human trafficking and systemic poverty. 

Praying for His return

We look to the Day of His return with intense longing, when the whole Church in full agreement with the Holy Spirit cries out to Jesus: Come!




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