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(This was an experience I had during worship a number of years ago.  It was a pivotal point in my personal journey into the heart of God.)

I was called to come through the gate into the outer courts of the King's Dwelling and as I passed through I was joined by others who like me, were seeking the King of Heaven.

As the throng of people gathered, praise began to flow from the lips of the multitude.

I had entered the outer courts of the Temple. The praise swelled as the song of salvation continued to grow in the hearts of those gathered around me. I began to feel this praise in my own heart and quickly I was swept up in the joy and excitement of being in the courts of the King.

Soon I began to pass through another gate and I was standing in the inner court.  In front of me towered the dwelling place of the King whom my heart desired so deeply. The numbers of people lessened in this inner court as many had decided to remain with the jubilant throng in the outer court.

As I stood before the Temple, in my heart I began to feel a peaceful presence beckoning me on still further. There was  still singing around me, but it had become subdued, more sensitive, more of a love song.  In my heart I began to share this love.

Then I found myself at the door of the Temple.  There I stood dwarfed by the glory and immensity of the doors.  As I contemplated what was before me, the doors swung open inviting me to enter in.

For the first time I began to tremble.  I was being invited into the dwelling place of the King.  As I stepped forward, the sound of singing from the people behind me quieted to a bare whisper.

All that was ahead of me was majestic.  My eyes could barely contain the glory I saw before me.  About me was evidence of the awesome greatness of the King.

As I glanced down, I became suddenly appalled at the sight of myself.  In contrast to the glory around me, my appearance was as dirty torn work clothes.  A painful shame began to well up within me and stopped dead in my tracks.  I couldn't take another step forward.  Yet there was a strong pull coming from the room ahead of me.

Through the doors behind me I continued to hear the love song and my heart was encouraged.  Through door ahead, I could hear an awesome silence.  Upon the door I saw the words written: "Holy, holy is the Lord."

Approaching the door, it began to open towards me.  When it opened, I was overcome by a magnificent and glorious light.  As I timidly began to pass through the doorway, I felt a burning sensation over my entire being.  This time as I caught sight of myself, I was shocked by the whiteness and purity of my appearance.

Almost without realizing it, I was standing before the throne of the King.  All was white, an incredibly pure white.  As the figure upon the throne moved I was overcome by dazzling glory.  It was like a brilliant rainbow bursting over me in the purest colors.  This display of glory drove me to my knees before the throne of the King whom I've been seeking so long.

As I bowed before Him, I sensed an intense feeling of love and belonging begin to surge up from within my inmost depths.

Soon I realized the King was speaking to me, and looking up I could see his hand reaching out to me, inviting me into his embrace.  Willingly I went to him and felt his strong arms enfold me, energizing my entire being.

After what seemed an eternity of resting in his arms, I found myself again in the midst of the throng of people who were in the outer courts.  But in my heart I could hear the echo of his words:

"Come, come as often as you will, I am waiting for you, I always desire for you to come."


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