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As we have discussed in prior postings1, God created man to dwell in fellowship with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. However, in His infinite wisdom2, the He knew that man would quickly depart from this place of intimacy and choose to walk in unrighteousness that would forever keep humanity from full intimacy with Him.  This would require that a way be made for humanity to return to this eternal relationship.  In full agreement and submission, the Son would become a man and take upon Himself the sin of all mankind3, taking not only the sin of the world, but taking on the form of a man; the uncreated God becoming the created; fully experiencing all that man would experience in the physical.  

We were created to seek Him during our journey in this weak physical body, encountering trials and triumphs in our lives that would provide us opportunities to love Him or become offended with Him. For our love to be real, we were given the opportunity to search Him out, encountering the false as we seek the true.  Because all of man would follow in Adam’s footsteps unable to make a way back to true intimacy with God and repeatedly choosing the false in his journey to discover Truth, from before the foundations of the world4, God provided a path, a narrow way, back to the true for those who would keep seeking. This path, opened by the blood of Jesus, would require repentance and obedience, but it is the only path, the only way to reach the fullness of what we are created for.  It is through Jesus alone that our fellowship with God is restored. Without Jesus, our fellowship with Him is forever lost, absolutely unattainable in our own efforts. 

In the death of Jesus, when God crushed God5, humanity was offered salvation from the legal consequences of our rejecting Him.  As Jesus stood in our place and received the full wrath of God for the sin of us all, we were offered redemption from certain destruction and eternal suffering in the lake of fire.6  As God, Jesus was fully aware of the impossible state of man. He knew that without His role in the plan of God humanity had no hope. It was not a difficult decision for Him to make. His desire has always been the same desire of the Father - to forever be in relationship with humans who would voluntarily love Him. There was no hesitation in His decision to confine Himself eternally to a physical body and walk the only path that would provide a way for us to return into full fellowship with Himself and the Father. In His humanity, we see Him in the garden7 asking the Father is there was any other way, but then because of the joy (you are His joy!) set before Him8 He obeyed and endured the cross so that true fellowship between you and He would be restored! 

We must understand that we are not saved to live lives outside of fellowship with God.  I fear that too many confess Jesus simply for fire insurance, protection from a fiery eternity; they do not understanding the reason for their salvation. This was my initial experience, as a young boy, I heard the gospel as the message of salvation from spending forever in hell. While this is an important (and today, often ignored) part of the Gospel message, it is for an eternity of intimate communion with Jesus that we are saved and if we give our hearts enough time to meditate on it, this is a far greater motivation for giving ourselves to Him.  

May the Father grant you a deeper understanding of Jesus’ love for you.9  I encourage you to ask the Holy Spirit to reveal the depths of His love for you and then take the time to let your heart hear and dwell on what He shows you.

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