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Throughout scriptures, God is constantly involved in people’s lives. This is because we were created for this intimacy with Him. From the garden of Eden to Abraham, Moses and Israel, Jesus and His disciples, God is constantly demonstrating His desire to fellowship with us. Billions of people have been born on this earth and we were all created to have this relationship with Him, but only a few choose it. Eph 1:4-5 says that we were chosen before the foundation of the world and that He predestined us to be adopted into His family. So before the worlds were created, we were in God’s heart. In His foreknowledge of our individual histories, He knew that we would voluntarily say ‘Yes’ to His Son. As I write this, I have a picture of the Father sitting on His throne with the Son standing next to Him and the Holy Spirit swirling between Them.

In perfect communion they share their hearts and desires, agreeing with each other as they stare into future history and say, “See that one? Look at her heart’s declaration of love for you, Son!” “This one, hear the ‘Yes’ in his heart, this one is Mine, this one I will adopt into our family.” “And there, see his refusal to deny You, his heart has chosen You alone!” From before creation God was intimately involved in your life!

Consider His intimate involvement in your creation. Psalm 139 speaks of Him forming your inward parts, weaving you together in your mother’s womb. Nothing was hidden from Him but He was there, making sure each part was just right. He knew you before you were born, forming you perfectly for what He knew you would encounter in this life. In verse 16, David has a revelation that even before you were formed, all your days were written in His book. Though some might say this proves we have no choices in this life, I see this more that He is knows the future and sees your steps ahead of time. He knows the choices and decision you will make. This is what allows Him to create you perfectly for what you will face whether the challenges are physical, psychological, emotions or spiritual. This also speaks to our need for this fellowship to enable us to walk successfully in this life.

If God desires this intimacy with us, if we were created to experience this relationship with Him here on earth and into eternity, how is it we do not engage more eagerly in this? How is it we find so many other things more attractive than pressing in to know Him better?



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