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I want to know you, God
Jesus, I long to know you
Holy Spirit, take me there,
where I can encounter my Father and my Beloved Bridegroom King

I want to know you in all your majesty and greatnessI want to know your power, to see how you flung the stars into the heavens

How you spoke the planets into being

And then lovingly formed man from the clay

I want to see you in your glory

To look upon the throne ablaze with passion and see You seated there

I want to see what John saw when he turned at the voice of thunder

I want to fall on my face as dead because of your awesomeness

I want to look into your eyes of fire and gaze upon your face outshining the sun

I want to see what the seraphim see
To fall before you and cry, ‘Holy, holy, holy’
Because you are so totally awesome and beautiful

I want to be caught up in the whirlwind of your coming
I want to see the way you move and exercise your might and glory

I want to know the deep things of your heart
Holy Spirit take me there, show me the mystery of God’s thoughts towards me

I want to hear the beating of your heart towards me
The song of your heart for me

I want to sit in the quiet of your thoughts
Let them wrap me in your love as they move from
tenderness to torrents of passion & delight

I want to drink of the river of delights
The passion stream of your heart for me

I want to know - to experience all that you have for me in this age.

I have eternity to discover you, for you are eternal, infinite,
And even eternity will not be long enough to know you to the end.

So let me know you now that I not miss anything you have in your heart for me.
I don’t want to waste eternity taking time to discover things of you that you would willingly share with me now.


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