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One of the things He’s shown me recently is the prayer that Paul had for all those to whom he wrote: “Grace and Peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.” Eph 1:2. It is often called Paul’s salutation, but it is oh so much more. 

Every letter he wrote, He was asking the Father to encounter the believers with two important things in His heart. The first is His favor towards them. It is because of God’s favor (grace) which He lavishes upon us that we can be called His children. We are His favored ones. From the foundation of the world, He chose us; He showed us favor, giving us the destiny to be adopted into His family because He knew we would say “Yes” to His Son. We are the desire of His heart and He takes great pleasure and delight in us so that we stand in His favor even in our weakness.

The second focus of his prayer is for Peace or Shalom. We need a revelation of Jesus as the Prince of Shalom, He is our peace. “I know the plans I have for you, plans for shalom and not for calamity.” Jer 29:11 In the midst of the storms of life, He will be our peace if we would but learn to rest in Him and abide in His presence. In the world we have tribulation, but take courage, He has overcome the world. He is our security; He is our refuge; He is our strong tower.

As we begin to understand and believe that the Father looks upon us with favor, even delight and that our peace is in Jesus alone, we can walk through anything in this life with confidence because we know we are loved and because Jesus indeed never leaves us or forsakes us, we can know His peace.

It wasn’t just a greeting for Paul. He understood the importance of grace and peace in the life of every believer and made it a point to pray this over all who received his letters.

Grace and Peace to you from God our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ!


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