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Throughout scriptures, God is constantly involved in people’s lives. This is because we were created for this intimacy with Him. From the garden of Eden to Abraham, Moses and Israel, Jesus and His disciples, God is constantly demonstrating His desire to fellowship with us. Billions of people have been born on this earth and we were all created to have this relationship with Him, but only a few choose it. Eph 1:4-5 says that we were chosen before the foundation of the world and that He predestined us to be adopted into His family. So before the worlds were created, we were in God’s heart. In His foreknowledge of our individual histories, He knew that we would voluntarily say ‘Yes’ to His Son. As I write this, I have a picture of the Father sitting on His throne with the Son standing next to Him and the Holy Spirit swirling between Them.

It’s been said that we are created with a God shaped hole in our hearts, meant for God Himself to come and fill. Scriptures tell us that we were created for intimacy, deep relationship with God - God the Father (1JN 1:3), God the Son (1Cor 1:9) and God the Holy Spirit (2Cor 13:14). The thought is staggering that we are formed in His image, created to be indwelt, predestined to be one with the ONE. that somehow our redeemed lives reflect some unique facets of His glory, His beauty, His character. We who are mere creatures, lowly fragile humanity, yet He has set us apart for unity with Himself (JN 17:20-24). Assuredly we will not become God, yet we are invited into the depths of the Godhead’s koinonia (intimate fellowship) through the divine wisdom of the Father and the meekness and sacrifice of Jesus.


Gazing on the Beauty of Jesus

David made one thing the priority in His life, to gaze upon the beauty of God all the days of his life. Even when he messed up, he would always return to this place of seeking the face of God. (PS 27)

When Martha complained about Mary sitting at the feet of Jesus, His response was that Mary had chosen the one thing that was important, she had chosen what was needed. (Lk 10)

I often need to ask myself, “Are your priorities truly in order?” Is the true focus of my heart to really know this one we call our Beloved? Do I make it my first priority to gaze on Him, mediate on who He is, feast on the word as it reveals Him?

As I’ve been meditating on the opening passage of Ephesians 1, I’ve been struck by verse 3 where Paul says, “Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ.” The greek word for Blessing in this passage is eulegeo, which is also where we get the word “Eulogy”. This word is a contraction of two greek words: ‘eu’ which means ‘good’ and ‘logos’ which means ‘word’ and therefore when brought together gives us the thought of ‘a good word.’


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