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I began this series over a year ago after I discovered some clear scriptures [1] that we are invited into fellowship with God.  I felt the Holy Spirit gave me the basic bullet points of the overall series,[2] but He let me sit on this one for a long time as I meditated on it, searched the scriptures and sought to understand what He meant by “God demands fellowship.”  I offer to you some of my thoughts on this and may the Holy Spirit bring light and discernment to your hearts.

At first I was a bit put off by the word “Demand.” It doesn’t seem to fit with a message focused on intimacy with God.  Yet, the more I thought about it, the more I realized that it’s appropriate because the demands of God are paramount to our fellowship with Him.  The word ‘demand’ carries with it the following meanings:[3]

(This was an experience I had during worship a number of years ago.  It was a pivotal point in my personal journey into the heart of God.)

I was called to come through the gate into the outer courts of the King's Dwelling and as I passed through I was joined by others who like me, were seeking the King of Heaven.

As the throng of people gathered, praise began to flow from the lips of the multitude.

I had entered the outer courts of the Temple. The praise swelled as the song of salvation continued to grow in the hearts of those gathered around me. I began to feel this praise in my own heart and quickly I was swept up in the joy and excitement of being in the courts of the King.

(I wrote this in 1993 shortly after an amazing series of events that led up to finding my father. )

My only memory of my father was of him buying me a toy when I was five years old. He had come for a brief visit and then he stepped out of my life.

Growing up without a father I never knew what it meant to have one, and most of my life I felt I hadn't missed much. Sometime in junior high I happened upon Psalm 68:5. "A father to the fatherless...is God in his holy dweIling." Something clicked inside me and from then on I always prayed to "my Father." God planted a seed in my heart that was to blossom years later.


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