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3/24/2013Planting a House of Prayer in Ukraine
mp3 audio file -  - 7:26 6.8 MBDownload
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House of PrayerJeff EvensenIsaiah 42:1-177:26
A brief description of our upcoming trip to Ukraine with a discussion of why God is raising up Houses of Prayer today throughout the earth.
3/28/2013In the spirit of the Tabernacle of David
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House of PrayerJeff Evensen2Samuel 6:12-2347:01
Understanding what the Tabernacle of David was and how it applies to the House of Prayer today.
4/4/2013Beholding the Beauty of Jesus
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House of PrayerJeff EvensenPsalm 27:435:39
Gazing on the beauty of Jesus by feasting on what the Bible speaks of multiple facets of His personality, His attributes, His emotions, His majesty, His humanity.  This is a foundational driver for the House of Prayer. We feed on the word and then let it percolate in our hearts as we fellowship with Holy Spirit  in our meditation on this Beautiful Man.
10/2/2013Knowing God - The Great Invitation
mp3 audio file -  - 1:5:12 18.6 MBDownloadPDF -  - 1:5:12 178 KBDownload
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Knowing GodJeff EvensenProverbs 2:11:5:12
Created to know God - what an amazing invitation we have been given!  
10/10/2013Knowing God - The God of Glory
mp3 audio file -  - 1:07:54 19.4 MBDownloadPDF -  - 1:07:54 122 KBDownload http://erhop.org/media/com_biblestudy/images/youtube24.png
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Knowing GodJeff EvensenRevelation 4:1-5:141:07:54
In this session we spend time looking at what it means to know and experience God in His Glory.  We look at the encounters with His Glory experienced by various people throughout the scriptures.  Parts of this recording include some discussion by those gathered.  Because most of this discussion is not intelligible on the recording, these sections have been truncated to hear my comments and responses.  Additionally, I've attached the videos & images that were shown during the session.  
10/17/2013Knowing God - The Intimate God
mp3 audio file -  - 1:2:21 17.8 MBDownloadmp3 audio file -  - 1:2:21 9.8 MBDownloadPDF -  - 1:2:21 211 KBDownload
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Knowing GodJeff EvensenPsalm 139:1-241:2:21
God desires fellowship, intimacy with you and I. Demonstrated throughout the Bible beginning with the Garden of Eden and ending with Eden returning to Earth for eternity. In this session we examine the intimacy we can have with the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit.  We can enter into a deeper intimacy with Jesus today.
10/24/2013Knowing God - The Bridegroom God
mp3 audio file -  - 52:53 24.2 MBDownloadPDF -  - 52:53 191 KBDownload
24.2 MB191 KB
Knowing GodJeff EvensenSong of Solomon 8:6-752:53
Knowing Jesus as the Bridegroom God who is the very definition of Love.  Dive into the unfathomable ocean of His heart.
10/26/2013Behold! The Way of the Wilderness Pt 1
mp3 audio file -  - 47:33 27.2 MBDownload
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EJW - Encountering Jesus: Behold 2013Brandon Hammonds47:33
10/26/2013Behold! The Way of the Wilderness Pt 2
mp3 audio file -  - 43:09 24.6 MBDownload
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EJW - Encountering Jesus: Behold 2013Brandon Hammonds43:09
10/26/2013Encounter Jesus: Behold Session 3
mp3 audio file -  - 52:04 29.7 MBDownload
29.7 MB
EJW - Encountering Jesus: Behold 2013Brandon Hammonds52:04
10/31/2013Knowing God: The God who is HOLY, HOLY, HOLY
mp3 audio file -  - 52:29 30.0 MBDownloadPDF -  - 52:29 177 KBDownload
30.0 MB177 KB
Knowing GodJeff EvensenIsaiah 6:1-852:29
Knowing God in His transcendence.  Knowing Him who is totally other than...
11/7/2013Knowing God: The Just God
mp3 audio file -  - 50:49 29.0 MBDownloadPDF -  - 50:49 182 KBDownload
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Knowing GodJeff EvensenJohn 5:22-3050:49
Knowing the God who is Just - The One who is perfectly loving, holy, merciful must also be perfectly just. The gospel message, the good news of Jesus Christ must include this facet of God.  He is Just & True in all His ways.  At the end of the age when we look back at how He acts throughout history, in all His judgments we will declare with all of heaven and all of creation - in all You did, in every act, you were perfectly just.
11/14/2013Knowing God: The Meek God
mp3 audio file -  - 39:45 22.8 MBDownloadPDF -  - 39:45 154 KBDownload
22.8 MB154 KB
Knowing GodJeff EvensenPsalm 18:35-3539:45
11/21/2013Knowing God: The Returning God
mp3 audio file -  - 51:46 29.6 MBDownloadPDF -  - 51:46 175 KBDownload
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Knowing GodJeff EvensenTitus 2:11-1551:46
Knowing Jesus in His return is to know Him as One who desires us to be with Him forever.  Knowing what He is thinking and what He is doing in the midst of the crisis of the end of this age allows us to boldly partner with Him rather than cringe in fear or seek to be removed from what He is doing.  His return is an important part of the Gospel.  It is too often relegated to a secondary doctrine and left out of the full truth of the good news of Jesus.
1/10/2014Invitation to Encounter
mp3 audio file -  - 21: 12.0 MBDownload
12.0 MB
Encounter Jesus ServiceJeff EvensenRevelation 1:10-2021:
2/6/2014Why Study the Return of Jesus?
mp3 audio file -  - 32:59 18.8 MBDownloadPDF -  - 32:59 140 KBDownload
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The ReturnJeff Evensen1Corinthians 2:2-232:59
When did the Return of Jesus stop being an essential part of the Gospel? The importance of Jesus return is as important to the message of the Gospel as His first coming. Let's look at the gospel as it was understood in the prophets and the apostles. This is a reminder of why it is important to you and I today.
2/13/2014The Positive Trends, Events & People
mp3 audio file -  - 54:13 31.0 MBDownloadPDF -  - 54:13 165 KBDownload
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The ReturnJeff Evensen54:13
This session looks at the positive trends, events and people that we need to understand during the time of Jesus' Return.
1/3/2016Created to Know God
mp3 audio file -  - 33:38 11.5 MBDownload
11.5 MB
General TopicsJeff EvensenJohn 17:2-2:333:38
4/10/2016Be Wise - Get Oil
mp3 audio file -  - 34:17 30.7 MBDownload
30.7 MB
General TopicsJeff EvensenMatthew 5:14-1634:17
9/4/2016Knowing Jesus, the Good Shepherd
mp3 audio file -  - 33:37 32.6 MBDownload
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General TopicsJeff EvensenPsalm 23:1-633:37


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