He’s not a baby in the manger anymore
He’s not a broken man on the cross
He didn’t stay in the grave
And he’s not staying in heaven forever!

I’ve heard these words sung at the IHOP in Kansas City and they stir me everytime I think of them.

He is coming as a King to rule the planet and no one can stand against Him.

The Spirit and the Bride say ‘Come’, we say ‘Come Lord Jesus, Come!’

In Peter’s second letter he speaks of the marked increase in the scoffing that will arise as we draw closer to the return of Jesus. Chapter 3 of 2nd Peter is written to stir up our hearts in sincerity to remember what Jesus and the prophets and the apostles said about the return of Jesus to this earth.

billboard-webA few months ago, we started seeing billboards and bus benches with a message declaring that today, May 21, 2011 would be the day of the rapture and beginning of the end of the world.  The news this past week has been filled with stories and interviews, even comic strips that demonstrate the scoffing that has begun to arise over the return of Jesus.  Unfortunately, it is messages like these that are feeding this mocking and scoffing.

What is the Global Bridegroom Fast and Why You May Want to Fast

Maybe you have fasted before and the mere mention of the word brings to your mind all types of horrible thoughts and memories - let me challenge you - to try this fast and you will never be the same! My entire paradigm has shifted when it comes to fasting.

Jesus first introduces this concept to his disciples in Matthew 9:14-17 right after He has a discourse with the religious leaders about leading the sinners to repentance. They were questioning why His disciples didn't fast.

Matthew 9:15 And Jesus replied to them, Can the wedding guests mourn while the bridegroom is still with them? The days will come when the bridegroom is taken away from them, and then they will fast.

He is explaining to His disciples for the first time that they will fast once He is gone.

In the next verse Jesus explains to His disciples how you can not pour new wine into an old wineskin, otherwise the wineskin will burst and be unable to carry anything.

Matthew 14:16-17 And no one puts a piece of cloth that has not been shrunk on an old garment, for such a patch tears away from the garment and a worse rent (tear) is made. Neither is new wine put in old wineskins; for if it is, the skins burst and are torn in pieces, and the wine is spilled and the skins are ruined. But new wine is put into fresh wineskins, and so both are preserved.

We call this the Bridegroom Fast  and it is for believers to join all around the globe together to connect to The Bridegroom Jesus to receive more of Him. I don't know about you but I must have more of Him!

I am motivated to enter into this fast because I have an ache inside for more of Him, what Song of Solomon 5:8 describes as lovesick or sick with love. I am sick with Love for more of Him, my longing for Him propels me to reach for more of Him. I want to understand this Bridegroom Jesus who has such a tender heart and passionate zeal for me even in my weakness. What kind of Love is this?

If you feel a pain, an ache inside for more of Him know this...you are beginning to feel lovesick! If you want to know Him as this Bridegroom God, who is tender and loves our weakness, who is transcendent in His Beauty and has a burning affection for us...please consider joining us on this fast!
For more info on this fast, please see watch Mike Bickle teach on this topic.


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