Jesus told his disciples a parable about ten virgins: five who were wise and 5 who were foolish. The context of this parable is in the days of His return.

In this story, Jesus makes it clear that the wise were those who had gathered enough oil for their lamps to endure the delay of His coming. They had already been to the oil merchants and gathered a surplus of oil for their lamps and were prepared for the return of the Bridegroom though he was delayed in the late hours.

The oil in this parable is fuel for their lamps and speaks of the fuel for our hearts to maintain the flame as we are called to be burning and shining lamps in this age of growing darkness.


Oil of Intimacy
This oil is the true knowledge of God that comes by encountering Jesus (the Word) through His word. In John 5:39 Jesus tells the Pharisees that they search the scriptures for life, but they missed it because they were unwilling to come to Him of whom the scriptures spoke. He called them to Himself and the reality of knowing Him who is the giver of eternal life. We are all leaky vessels, our hearts are small and cannot contain the oil we need for much more than today. We must regularly have our hearts refilled with the fuel that comes only by spending time with Jesus through the Holy Spirit and the Word.

House of Oil
In this day, it is essential that we find the oil merchants who can help us get the oil we need. Part of the mission of Elk River House of Prayer is be a House of Oil, an oil merchant for those who long to know Jesus more. In our diligent pursuit of knowing Jesus, we desire as a community to be a resource for those who seek to be wise and prepared with hearts full of oil and extra oil for long night ahead.

Life-essential Intimacy
Intimacy with Jesus is essential to every believer as the Holy Spirit prepares the Bride for the return of the Bridegroom King. Living a life that produces the light to the world must be fueled by a real knowledge of His heart, what He is doing in the earth today and His desire for the people around us. This intimacy generates a love-sick bride who longs to be with her Beloved.  This love-sick intimacy becomes the fuel that produces the light that draws others to Him.  In the coming troubles, as the need for a light in the darkness increases, we can't rely on yesterday's oil.  We must nurture and press into to know Him more today so we can stand firm the days of trouble, and not only stand firm, but be that light to the world that He called us to be.


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