Man's time on earth began in a wedding with God the Father establishing the marriage of Adam and Eve1 and it will culminate in a wedding with God the Father presenting the Church to His Son, Jesus, at the Marriage of the Lamb.2 

The believers in Jesus have 3 identities throughout scripture: the body3 of Christ, the sons of God4 and the bride5.  But in the end, on that triumphant day when Jesus returns, He is returning for His Bride6 and it will be in that hour that the Bride in full unity with the Holy Spirit will cry out to her Bridegroom God: "Come!"7

This is not to diminish the importance or significance of any of these other positions we hold in Jesus.  It's a way to view the whole of scriptures through a focused lens.  When we begin to view Jesus as our Bridegroom God, as the lover of our soul8, as the One who is ravished in heart9 when He looks upon us, it impacts our hearts in new ways as we begin to understand that we can only truly love Him because He loved us first.10  We are wooed into that place of being a lovesick bride11 who only has eyes for her Beloved.

In the same way that all believers are the sons of God, so are all believers the bride of Jesus.  The bridal paradigm invites us all, male and female, into a relationship with our God that is based on intimacy of heart.  We are invited to become lovers of Jesus.  In growing in this love, we begin to press into the knowledge of His heart, learning of the length, width, heights and depths of His love for us.12  This approach to God draws us into a place where, in response to His love, we long to put the first commandment first: To love God in the extreme with our whole heart. From this place, we can then truly walk out the second greatest commandment to love one another.13

What the Bridal Paradigm is NOT

1. It's not about men getting in touch with their feminine side...

2. Men, you don't have to imagine yourself dressed in a wedding gown, skipping hand in hand with Jesus through a field of daisys.

3. Everyone, Jesus is NOT your boyfriend, nor will He ever be.

4. The Bridal Paradigm is NOT about getting your romantic fix in God

5. We are not to imagine ourselves kissing Jesus on the lips, ever!  Never are we to engage our imaginations in any sensual activity with Jesus.  This is wrong and comes from a spirit of deception. 

Song of Solomon is to be viewed as an allegory of the relationship between Jesus as the bridegroom King and the Church (individuals and corporately) as His bridal partner.  It's about a position of priviledge, its about God's heart towards us as believers - His great desire for us and our response towards Him.  As an allegory, the images depicted throughout the book are interpreted symbolically and not literally.  For example, SS 1:2 "Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth" is not about literally kissing Jesus on his lips.  The mouth represents his words and the kiss represents the passionate impact his words can have on our hearts. This prayer of His bride for the kisses of His mouth, is a request to the Father that our hearts would be impacted, set on fire by the words of Jesus, that we would love Him more!

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