24 x 7 Corporate Intercessory Worship

There is a Call from God going out to the Church today. 
The call is to prayer - day & night - unceasing - standing in that place of intercession with Jesus, the great intercessor.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week

In the spirit of the Tabernacle of David, God is raising up those who are called to minister before Him day and night.  The prophet Amos declared that in the Millennium God would raise up the fallen tabernacle of David in direct reference to Jesus' reign upon the earth.  This tabernacle is the place where David established day and night worship and prayer.  1 Chronicles 9:13-33 is a description of the roles and people who were part of this 24 hour day & night ministry. We are called to be a part of the restoration of the prophetic worship and intercession that God is orchestrating around the globe in preparation for the return of Jesus. 


We are called to do it together, the whole church. The prophecy of Joel chapter 2 is the description of how we are to turn our hearts to Him as individuals and as the whole congregation.  Whether in the role of the Levites who were set aside by God to minister unto Himself or in the place of the congregation in participation with each other, this call is for all to come and set our hearts before God together, calling out to the One who is Love.  There is a scriptural mandate for the church to come together in humility before each other and God and pray together the things that are on His heart.

We are called to stand in the gap before God, agreeing with His heart of love towards all. He is looking for those who will stand before Him, interceding according to His will, asking for Him to act on the desires of His heart. God spoke His heart in Ezekiel 22:30 "I looked for a man among them who would build up the wall and stand before me in the gap on behalf of the land so I would not have to destroy it, but I found none."  As the Spirit reveals the deep things of the Father's heart to us, we turn that into intercession, agreeing with Him for the things that He desires.

Music is in the heart of God; as we play and sing and make melody in our hearts to God (Col 3:16) our prayers mingle with the music and are lifted as incense into His presence.  As in the Tabernacle of David, he included those who sang and played day & night before God, so musicians and singers are integral to this gathering.  God has stirred the hearts of many to play and sing skillfully before Him, in turn leading others into the throne room of heaven which is continually filled with the sound of music, singing and all kinds of divine sounds and speech. (Rev 4&5)

Intimacy & Communion
Our journey into His heart is what sustains us for this role.  Without true intimacy with the Father and our Beloved Jesus, we will burn out attempting to make this happen in the flesh.  Intimacy increases the worship in our hearts as we encounter our Beloved and discover that He is both beautiful and terrifying. As our intimacy deepens we find our hearts in communion with the triune God.  The Father who loves the Son.  The Son who loves the Father.  The Spirit who glorifies the Son and reveals the deep things of the Father's heart.  We are drawn into the embrace of the Father who loves us as He loves His Son as we gaze upon the wonder of our Bridegroom God who desires that we be with Him.  (Rev 1:12-18; Song of Songs 1:2-4;5:8-16; John 14:21; 15:9; 17:24; I Cor 2:10-12)


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