Jesus quoted Isaiah1 when he cleaned out the temple saying, "My house shall be called A House of Prayer for all nations."  Since we are called temples of the Holy Spirit2, each of us is called to be a House of Prayer as we turn our hearts towards Jesus in words of love, worship, and intercession. But He does not expect us to remain isolated.  In the scope of what He is doing in the earth today and according to 1 Peter 2:5, we are called to be this corporate House of Prayer, many individuals, but one House - many gatherings, but one House - many regions, but one House.

When David pitched a tent in Jerusalem and brought the Ark of God there, he set up a pattern of musical worship, intercession and meditation that became the structure that was brought back in every revival throughout Israel's history. God is now, in the spirit of David's Tabernacle, raising up Houses of Prayer around the globe. Today, these are places and people who like Anna3 are given to prayer and fasting day and night.

When David established what the Bible calls the Tabernacle of David, he put teams of Levites in place to minister to God in music, worship and prayer 24 hours a day.4

There have been other times in history that God has raised up significant times of unending prayer and worship for a purpose that would have significant local, regional and global impact.  Bangor, IR in 555ad, a monk named Comgall gathered 3000 monks and began a 24 hour a day prayer meeting that lasted 300 years. The result is that the Bangor Abbey became the epicenter for spiritual revival and education in Europe for the next 300 years.5

Then in the 1700's a group called the Moravians under the initial pastoral guidance of Count Zinzendorf, maintained a 100 year prayer meeting going 24 hours a day.  This resulted in the birthing of the modern missionary movement.7

Today, there are many Houses of Prayer being established throughout the earth.  The specific calling upon these groups is unique to each, but the general focus is around the clock worship of God with intercession for the local regional church, the salvation of the lost and the preparation of the church for the return of Jesus.

With a local focus, these Houses of Prayer are able to bring focused intercession for the specific needs of the areas where they are established.  In addition, as the local regional church reaches out into the world, the House of Prayer becomes a furnace of prayer in support of these specific movements.

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