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The Book of Revelation

We study the Bible primarily to know God. The call of every person who believes of Jesus Christ for salvation is to know Him better. The Book of Revelation is primarily a book about Jesus Christ. As we dig into the first 5 chapters of this book, we will come to know Him more and our hearts will be better prepared to understand the remainder of this amazing book.

Introduction to the Book of Revelation (2010-09-23)

The Vision of Jesus (2010-09-30)

Letters to the Churches (2010-10-07)

The Church of Ephesus: Returning to our first love (2010-10-14)

The Church of Smyrna: Faithfulness in Suffering (2010-10-21)

The Church of Pergomos: A Church with Compromise (2010-10-28)

The Church of Thyratira: Increased outreach, yet increased immorality (2010-11-04)

The Church of Sardis: Reputation without spiritual substance (2010-11-11)

The Church of Philadelphia: Faithfulness to Jesus (2010-11-18)

The Church of Laodicia: Spiritual pride and lukewarmness (2010-12-02)

The Beauty Realm: The Throne Room (2010-12-09)

The Beauty Realm: The Throne Room Part 2 (2011-01-13)

The Beauty Realm: The Throne Room Part 3 (2011-01-20)

Jesus takes the Scroll (2011-01-27)

Jesus takes the Scroll part 2 (2011-02-03)

The Battle Plan Overview (2011-02-10)

Chronological Section 1 - Jesus opens the seals (2011-02-17)

Angelic Explanation #1 - Protection for the Church (2011-02-24)

Chronological Section 2 - The Seven Trumpets (2011-03-03)

Angelic Explanation #2 - Divine Direction (2011-03-10)

Beholding Jesus through the Eyes of Isaiah

The prophet Isaiah unveils many facets of Jesus’ majestic beauty. Join us as we seek to see Jesus through the revelation given to Isaiah. Consider His majesty, His humility, His justice, His mercy, His power, His glory, His tenderness, His divinity, His humanity – all through the eyes of Isaiah. That we can know Him better!

EJW - Jesus, My Beloved, My Friend

EJW - Justice in the Heart of Jesus

Justice & Righteousness are the foundation of Jesus' Kingdom.  This Encountering Jesus Weekend takes a look at this topic as we consider how near it is to Jesus' heart, the essential role that prayer plays, the mandate to help the poor, the orphan, the widow, the captive and the ultimate justice that will come when Jesus returns to rule and reign upon the earth. Speakers for this weekend are: Nathan Christopherson Leah Chandler Jeff Evensen

EJW - Encountering Jesus Weekend

We welcomed Brandon Hammonds, Justin Rizzo, Ross Bennett and Jordan Vanderplate for our first Encountering Jesus Weekend.

The Generation of Jesus' Return

When Jesus spoke of His return with His disciples, He repeatedly told them to be watching and waiting. There have been transitional generations in history where God required the people to be watching for what He was doing in the earth. Those who weren't watching, suffered or perished in the transition. Jesus spoke much of the generation that would be alive when He returns. It will be the most significant generation of history. These sessions will address three questions: 1. Can we know if we are in that generation?2. Should we know if we are in that generation?3. If we can and should know, how can we know?

What is Jesus saying to His Church today?

Jesus had very specific things which He addressed in each of  these 1st century churches. What He said to them is clearly the same word that He is speaking to the church of the 21st century.  With the signs of His coming increasing in our time, what Jesus said to these churches must be heard today so she may be prepared for the season that is coming upon the earth. This 10 week study will examine each of these seven churches and what Jesus had to say to them.

EJW - Encountering Jesus Weekend 2012

House of Prayer

Why is God raising up Houses of Prayer throughout the nations?  These 3 session will take a look at the scriptures that tell us what God has done in the past and what He is doing today as He brings the Church together in focused worship and intercession throughout the earth.

Knowing God

What does it look like to really know the One who flung the stars into place, who formed you in your mother, who took on flesh to take on your sin, who knows your every thought and still He desires your nearness? Who died that you would know Him, who holds all things, including you, together? Jesus said that eternal life was to know the Father and to know Himself. Knowing God is not about our future in eternity alone. He desires us to know Him today. This 8 weeks will be spent looking at ways that God wants us to know Him.

EJW - Encountering Jesus: Behold 2013

Encounter Jesus Service

Short messages from our Friday night worship times.

The Return



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