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In response to Jesus' words that if we keep asking, we will receive (Matt 7:7) we continually pray for these points and many more.  As the basis of our prayer, we use scripture (particularly the prayers of Jesus and the apostles) knowing that if we ask for what God has already spoken and what Jesus and His apostles prayed, then we know we're praying within the will of our Father in heaven.

Church of Elk River
- Pastors & Leaders - Eph 4:11-13
- Various ministries
- Congregations
- Individuals
- Repentance & revival
- Holiness
- Unity - John 17:21

Evangelism in Elk River area
- Outpouring of God's Spirit
- Drawing all people to Jesus

Youth of Elk River
- Youth ministries of each congregation
- Unity
- Youth at risk
- Drugs & Suicide
- Pregnancy & abortion

Governments of Elk River area - 2Tim 2:1
- Leaders
- Mayors
- Councils
- State Representatives & Congressmen
- Police Departments
- Courts & Judges

End of Abortion
- Repentance for the Church's part in this holocaust
- succumbing to a response of violence and hatred
- ignoring it, apathy
- participating in it
(60% of abortions in America involve people who can name both their church and their pastor.)
- That God would end abortion
- That God would have mercy on America and send revival.

Adopted Rwandan Village of Karaba
- Karaba Leadership
- Church of Karaba
- Children of Karaba
- AIDS Pandemic
- Healing in aftermath of 1994 genocide
- Evangelism

The Global Church
- The persecuted church
- The Chinese Mission through the 10/40 window
- Awakening in America & Europe

- That all Israel will be saved - Romans 10:1; 11:26
- Messianic believers within Israel


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