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EJW - Justice in the Heart of Jesus
EJW - Justice in the Heart of Jesus
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Justice & Righteousness are the foundation of Jesus' Kingdom.  This Encountering Jesus Weekend takes a look at this topic as we consider how near it is to Jesus' heart, the essential role that prayer plays, the mandate to help the poor, the orphan, the widow, the captive and the ultimate justice that will come when Jesus returns to rule and reign upon the earth. Speakers for this weekend are: Nathan Christopherson Leah Chandler Jeff Evensen
Justice & PrayerLeah Chandler5/19/2012
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Justice in the Heart of JesusJeff Evensen5/18/2012
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The Bibilical Mandate to care for the poorNathan Christopherson5/19/2012
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Jesus and Ultimate JusticeNathan Christopherson5/19/2012
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